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WIT is a term used in the athletic world. WIT stands for whatever it takes. When WIT is used, especially on sports teams around the world, athletes are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal at hand. WIT has a deeper meaning than just words to most athletes and that is exactly why WIT Moving wanted to build a company behind that powerful meaning.

WIT presents a unique team of the best movers in Nashville, TN

At WIT Moving, we wanted to use WIT to build a unique team environment for our employees and customers. On the job and off the job, we want our employees to act exactly as a team would. On the job we want our employees to work together to complete each job at hand while providing mind-blowing customer service. Off the job we want our employees to help one another become better versions of themselves. WIT Moving is more than a moving service. It is a culture where employees can come to create bonds with other teammates, build their personal lives while servicing our valued customers with an extremely valuable moving service.

When creating a culture for our employees, we wanted to bring the deeper meaning behind WIT with it. Not only do we want our employees to do whatever it takes to satisfy our valued customers at WIT Moving, but we also want our employees to do whatever it takes to get exactly what they want out of life. With that instilled mindset, our employees can build on other teammates to better themselves and become happier, while creating a customer service like no other company in the moving industry. 

WIT Moving Core Values

  • MISSIONAt WIT moving, our mission is to create a solid team foundation for our employees and instill a whatever it takes mindset to better the lives of our employees, which in return will provide a one of a kind moving experience to valued customers nationwide.
  • VISIONOur Vision at WIT Moving is to have the best employee culture nationwide and to give a unique “Whatever It Takes” moving experience to every valued customer like no other company in the moving industry.
  • PURPOSEOur purpose at WIT Moving is to build strong individuals that will better others and help serve people in need across the country with a WIT mindset.

Employee/Customer Culture

At WIT Moving, we believe that in order to give great customer service, our employers must provide a great environment for our employees.

At WIT Moving we will always focus on building a strong employee environment that will be the foundation of our customer service. We want our employees to enjoy coming in to work every day. In order to do so, we focus on each employee individually and use a team mentality to do so. Every day, we want to make sure our employees have the opportunity to grow, not only at WIT Moving but in their personal lives as well. We accomplish this by building bonds through work, team meetings, and team building outside of work. We want to do whatever it takes to make sure every employee is happy when working at WIT Moving, and always striving to be the best version of themselves.

After building our employee environment, making sure our employees are completely satisfied and striving to become better each day, we can focus on the customer service side of our company. By building a great employee culture, we can provide employees that will do whatever it takes to provide a one of a kind moving service to our customers in need. Moving is a stressful time and we understand that at WIT Moving. Our employee culture is built on a solid foundation of positivity and grit. With this foundation, we can welcome customers with open arms into our WIT family, while also providing a revolutionized WIT Moving experience on move day. 

With this employee/customer culture, we want to become more than just a moving service in Nashville. We want to become a culture that creates great people who will strive to serve others in need nationwide. 


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There are truly no words to how grateful we are for Whatever It Takes Moving. We thought initially that we could move ourselves but after having the help of the WIT Team we will never not hire movers again. I can’t recommend this company enough. They are incredibly organized, efficient and respectful. So thankful!

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