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At WIT Moving, we always have room for more additions to our team. Before taking a look at our job opportunities below, we suggest taking a look at our “About Us” page to see what we are all about at WIT Moving.

Helpers: As a helper at WIT Moving, you will make sure each truck is prepared and ready before each job. On the job site, you will be working with the driver/lead and other helpers to wrap furniture and fill each truck safely and properly. You will also unpack the same loaded truck and unwrap furniture making sure each item is placed properly in the customers house/office. During each move, you must keep the truck clean (sweep floors, stack pads, and organize tools).

Drivers/Leads: As a driver/lead, you will have the same job duties with driver and lead responsibilities. You will have job contracts, making sure the right equipment and helpers on the correct job with you. You will keep in contact with the customer before starting the move and following up with them after each move. You will be responsible for driving one of our 26 ft box trucks (>26,000 GVW). You will make sure contracts are filled out before moving and after moving the customers items. During each move you will lead each helper, make sure items are padded properly, and make sure the truck is being packed properly.

After completion of each job, you will make sure each employee is on the job contract and the trucks are cleaned and parked properly. (When new hires come on board, you will train them as helpers and also train helpers looking to become drivers).

Managers: As a manager, you will be responsible for drivers/leads and helpers. You will make sure our location is staffed properly and each day we have the correct crew members on each job. You will set up training for new hires with experienced drivers/leads. You will be responsible for booking moves and answering phone calls from customers calling your specific location. You will make sure we have the correct inventory before each move (Pads, dollies, tape etc.). You will place orders for new supplies needs for future moves). You will also lead team meetings and other events.


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There are truly no words to how grateful we are for Whatever It Takes Moving. We thought initially that we could move ourselves but after having the help of the WIT Team we will never not hire movers again. I can’t recommend this company enough. They are incredibly organized, efficient and respectful. So thankful!