Category: Full-Packing Advice

March 11, 2020

Guide to packing shoes and boots

Shoes never lie, it is often said. They are often considered to be a good representation of the care and ...

February 29, 2020

How to pack hunting equipment

Moving to another address means that we have to pack and transport our entire household. This is certainly not an ...

February 9, 2020

Tips for making packing fun for children

Every move is emotional in a different way. It covers both stress and nervousness as well as nostalgia when it’s ...

January 28, 2020

The pros and cons of renting a moving truck

Every move is stressful, not just because of the relocation itself, but because of the number of tasks, it will ...

January 15, 2020

Tips for packing wooden furniture

Relocation is right around the corner and there are still many things you should cover. One of the most complex ...

January 1, 2020

Guidelines to packing fine china

As if it wasn’t difficult enough, there are certain items that make packing even more of a nightmare. When you’re ...

December 27, 2019

Unpacking the Christmas decorations – simple tricks

One of the most common mistakes made by anyone who is packing for the first time is the lack of ...

December 11, 2019

Packing musical instruments for relocation

Unfortunately, packing isn’t as simple as throwing your things into boxes and calling it a day. We all know that ...

December 7, 2019

Tips for packing your gardening tools

Getting ready for relocation requires a lot of preparation. You need to find a new home and a moving company. ...

November 28, 2019

Time-saving packing ideas

Moving is stressful and complicated. But, if you prepare for it well enough it can just fly by! There are ...


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Used this morning for my personal move. I will definitely be using them again for our move in the next year. I will most certainly be sending my clients, friends and family to them! Thank you for caring for my belongings :-)