Checklist for the day before the move

Many dread the infamous day before the move. It is very natural to do so. It is the moment when many weeks of planning and preparation come just a single night away from the test. A bottleneck of activity that you simply have to deal with. This is why it is good to be prepared. We can help with that.

What to do the day before the move

While you wait for the very best of Mount Juliet moving companies to come and pick you up, you might think to yourself of everything that can go wrong.

time running out day before the move
Time is running out until the d-day

However, with good preparation, you have nothing to fear. Just go through the steps and you will be just fine as you see this relocation to its successful conclusion. 

Essentials like medicine and documents

So, what is the most important thing to recheck before your choice of the moving companies in Tennessee come to pick you up? Well, that would be checking for the most essential items that you need in your relocation. Medicine and personal & other documents.

Medicine pills
Don’t forget your necessary medicine!

It is one thing to forget your charger. It might be frustrating, but it is not dangerous. However, mixing up or forgetting your medication could result in quite a lot of trouble. Therefore, be sure to carefully label your medication and recheck it from the checklist on the day before the move.

Furthermore, you should definitely check documentation such as car insurance, password, social security or ID card, etc. Things like that are best kept on your person, rather than in a truck.

Pack the most necessary of items

Speaking of necessities, there are also items that you probably haven’t packed yet simply due to the fact that you need them regularly. These are such items as:

  • Toiletries. As the final day at your current home comes to an end, be sure to pack up towels, hygiene and other toiletries from your bathroom.
  • Home appliances. With the day before the move finally here, you should also pack your frequently used home appliances and disassemble them.
  • Bedroom and other furniture. And while we talk of disassembling, you should also pay great care to finalize disassembly of your furniture, especially bedroom one which you probably left for last. If you find this to be too much work, just hire a company that has a good track record in such things (which you can check on Google or Yelp reviews).

Close your bank account and cancel your subscriptions

The day before the move is also the last day you have to do your unsubscriptions. These are easy to miss due to their convenience.

unsubscribe screen
Time to unsubscribe from that gym

You simply forget you are unsubscribed to a mailing service or a gym. Therefore, you should use this time to check if it is all taken care of, especially mail or bank address changes.

Be well rested

And don’t forget the most important thing to check of the day before the move checklist – a good night’s rest. Don’t stress yourself too much. You are well prepared, and everything will go just as planned!

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