How to make the ultimate moving checklist

For most people, moving is a very stressful event. Creating the ultimate moving checklist is a great way to make your move easier. They keep you updated every week, right up to your big day. Therefore, we have created our checklist to help you. Let’s dive in and see how this simplifies your next move.

Our relocation checklist starts eight weeks before your move. This is the perfect time to organize and prepare for your move.

So let’s get started with our ultimate moving checklist

8 weeks before moving:

The first thing you need to do when preparing for the move is to start looking for the best moving companies in Nashville TN. When searching, make sure that the movers are insured. That is important because they will cover any items that they accidentally break.

Woman making the ultimate moving checklist
Your big day is in 2 months. Start with this ultimate moving checklist to have enough time for everything.

7 weeks before moving:

Start exploring housing, schools, and childcare in your new residential area. Most schools and childcare facilities require early enrollment for children who plan to attend next year. Read their sites and call to make sure that you have all the necessary information.

The next thing you want to do during the 7th week of your ultimate moving checklist is to make a list of inventory for the online or garage sale. Most likely, you have things in your garage or closet that you no longer use. You do not need to move these things. You can sell them on eBay instead.

6 weeks before moving:

Look at organizing your moving boxes or renting plastic moving containers. Also, find out what you need to move your things. Some examples of materials you may need are tape, scissors, a permanent marker, and a first aid kit.

At this point, in an ideal ultimate moving checklist, you should hire licensed and insured local movers Nashville TN. The reason you need to do this early in the process is that these movers are very busy.

Start packing items that you don’t use often. This is an excellent time to gradually start packing these unwanted items 45 minutes a day after work. By doing this now, you can reduce the load on packing, the closer to your big day.

Go through your house or apartment and start making minor repairs. It does not take much time. However, for some of them, you may need to travel to your local home appliance store or watch some DIY YouTube tutorials.

5 weeks before moving:

Make an inventory list for the items you plan to move. That will be useful when the day of moving arrives because the movers will know exactly what items should be in the moving truck.

Find new doctors, veterinarians, and hospitals. You must receive a report as soon as possible for your new primary care physician. Thus, if you have any unexpected injuries, they will already have your information.

Five weeks before your move, it’s also time to notify credit card companies, magazines, and insurance companies of an upcoming move. When it comes to the people you should inform about moving, your bank should be on top of your list.

People having coffee
Tell about your upcoming move to people close to you, for example, friends and relatives

4 weeks before moving:

  • Set up your new home services (electricity, gas, internet, television, and security).
  • If you change jobs in a new place, it’s time to send a 30-day notice to your current employer.
  • Keep the garage sale of items that you previously put in your inventory. This is an excellent point on the ultimate moving checklist to eliminate clutter.
  • Continue packing non-essential items.

3 weeks before moving:

  • Set up your garbage disposal services in your new home.
  • Talk with your new neighbors about recommended babysitters in the area. Also, check out pet grooming services if you are moving with pets. If someone watches small children and pets on the day of moving, this will become much less stressful.
  • Now is also the right time to start asking your friends and family if they can help you move.

2 weeks before moving:

  • Be sure to cancel the current utilities in the old place for the day after the move.
  • Update your driver’s license, car insurance, and car registration.
  • Start preparing frozen foods over the next two weeks. You will be very busy with your move, and it will come in handy when you are hungry and too tired to cook dinner.
  • If necessary, post your two-week job notice.
  • Keep packing your belongings.

1 week before moving:

  • Finish packing the remaining items.
  • Pull out emergency money to buy lunch, gratuities, and other random needs on the day of the move.
  • Check for weather updates on the day you move. That will give you an idea if you need to prepare for rain or extreme temperature conditions.
  • Prepare appliances (defrost the refrigerator and freezer, drain gas and oil from the mower).
  • If you rented a moving truck and drive on your own, start loading the moving truck. Make sure you lock it when you leave or sleep.
  • Measure large objects to fit all of your doors in your new home.
  • Pack the essentials bag for moving (scissors, pen and paper, scotch tape, first-aid kit, tool kit, trash bags, toilet paper, toiletries).

Moving day:

If you followed this ultimate moving list, you should be well prepared for your big day. A few things to remember on this day:

  • Make sure your doorways are clean so that movers can freely enter and leave the house.
  • Before movers take your items to your new home, remember to check the exact destination address and your contact details.
  • Make a final walk (check all rooms and closets) before leaving the residence.
  • When the movers begin to unload the boxes, it’s time to start cleaning up your new home.
  • Start unpacking all your belongings. Be sure to refer to the numbered list that you created when you originally put your things in a box before moving.

What to do after moving?

Protecting your family and home should be a top priority. Therefore, you must first order a security system. Then be sure to recycle, save, or sell your moving boxes. Let your friends and family know about your move and your new address.

People drinking coffee
You can also invite them over for a coffee to see your new place

We wrote a lot of information, and you have been busy for the past few weeks. We hope that this ultimate moving checklist has made your move a lot more enjoyable and carefree. Now is the time to set up your new home in your own way. Good luck!

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