How to pack hunting equipment

Moving to another address means that we have to pack and transport our entire household. This is certainly not an easy task considering the number of belongings an average American owns. It is easy to get lost and this is why many people feel anxious when thinking about relocation. Furthermore, packing for relocation is an art in its own sense as it requires good organizational skills. The trick is to pack everything in time without forgetting or damaging anything in the process. One way to solve this problem is to acquire packing services Nashville. Professional packers have all the adequate tools and knowledge to pack your belongings efficiently as well as to ensure their maximum security during transportation. But if you wish to save a few dollars and to pack on your own, we have several packing tips and tricks to share with you. In this article, we will show you how to pack hunting equipment. Stay with us to learn more.

The first thing to do is to undertake a major overhaul of your hunting equipment

The key to efficient packing is to get rid of everything you find surplus to requirements. This goes for your hunting equipment too.  By reducing the number of items you will also reduce the shipping costs as well as the amount of time necessary to pack everything. Check the expiration dates on items like canned food or first aid kits and other medicaments. You don’t have to transport these items even if they are fine, as they are prone to leakage, and you can get them virtually anywhere. Leave such items to your fellow hunter-friends who are not moving away. Next, check if you have any torn shoes and gloves, or out-of-order flashlights and lighters. Go online and sell items that you don’t need but are in good condition. Consider donating or throwing away everything else. When you have everything sorted out, proceed with the packing.

Before you pack hunting equipment check if any of the items fall into the category of prohibited

This is a very important step because most hunting gears contain weapons.  And not just any weapons but rifles and guns. Moving guns is in reality not very different from moving ordinary household objects, and moving companies are allowed to move weapons. However, most moving companies have their own strict rules when it comes to transporting weapons, dangerous chemicals, toxins, and other life-threatening items. So, before you proceed with packing contact your local movers Antioch TN to learn more about their policies. Furthermore, if you are moving to another state be sure to check that state’s regulations on importing weapons. See what paperwork and licenses are required and how to get them. Other possibly prohibited items are flammable liquids, and most hunting gears include professional lighters, lighter fluids and other items needed to make a campfire. Be sure to check policies on those as well.

Learn how to pack hunting equipment including guns and rifles
Guns and rifles are weapons and must be treated accordingly. If you wish to move such items you need to have certain licenses and paperwork.

How to pack guns and rifles?

This is something we advise you to do on your own, even if you hired professional packers. Nevertheless, inform your movers about the content of these crates. If nothing else, this is delicate equipment and they shout deal with these boxes with extra care. But let’s get back to the packing procedure:

  • Remove the ammunition and place it in separate boxes. Ideally use hard aluminum boxes for this purpose. You can find these in any DIY store.
  • Clean the guns, put the safety on, and then place them in their original cases. Treat them as they are loaded for maximum security.
  • Make an inventory list of weapons you are transporting and write down the model and serial number for each gun. Provide your movers with all the required paperwork. You should also photograph each piece prior to the move.
  • Put firearms in bubble wrap and place them in moving boxes if you don’t have original cases. Label those boxes discreetly and notify your movers about the content.

    Picture of a folding knife
    Knives and blades are an important addition to every serious hunting equipment.

How to pack knives, blades and other dangerous items

Another dangerous entry on the hunting equipment list is tools like multipurpose knives, scalpels, and blades of any kind. These can be labeled as cold weapons and therefore must be treated with great care and respect. Inform your moving company about your intention to move such objects and pack them with necessary precaution measures. Place knives in their original cases and put them in a separate box. If you are moving long-distance check state regulations for such items.

Picture of a camping tent
Use separate boxes to pack hunting equipment, and label each box accordingly.

Now pack the rest of your hunting equipment

Okay, now when the hard part is over it is a bit easier to breathe. To pack the rest of the equipment use the same methods as for all other household items. For this task, you will need regular packing materials like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, marker pens, and scissors.

  • Pack scopes, binoculars and other expensive optics in a separate box and label it as “Fragile”. These are very delicate pieces and must be protected properly. Use bubble wrap and old clothes to fill out any leftover gaps in the boxes.
  • Pack hunting vests, boots and other clothes in a separate box and label it as “seasonal clothes” or “hunting clothes”. The labeling system will help you to sort boxes more easily when you arrive at your new home. You will probably unpack these boxes last as you won’t need hunting gear the moment you get there.
  • Pack tents, blankets, and other camping tools in a separate box and label it accordingly.

Now you know how to pack hunting equipment like a pro, and you are ready for the move. We wish you a safe relocation.

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