How to transport a china cabinet

It is not the relocation of people that is the problem in moving, obviously. It is actually the safe relocation of their stuff. There is a reason why there is a whole industry that sprung around people wishing to relocate with their items whole and not destroyed and broken into bits… And one of the most difficult things to transport a china cabinet.

In short

If you are reading this in the actual moment as you are preparing to transport a china cabinet, let’s not waste your time. There are three things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Strongboxes. China is not strong, so your box has to be. There are no weak plastic wrapping here. You need something strong and sturdy.
  • Cushioning material. However, you don’t want the strong structure of the box to be the detriment of your efforts to transport a china cabinet, but a facilitator. Therefore, use some cushioning material.
  • Handle with care. Finally, you want to do everything very carefully

Reinforce and cushion the boxes in order to transport a china cabinet

Mount Juliet moving companies and many others are there to help you pack. However, if you would rather DIY, instead of using their services, you need to know some specific things.

transport a china cabinet - porcelain cups
You need to make sure nothing brakes!

To transport a china cabinet you need boxes to be strong to protect from the outside damage, such as other boxes falling on it or the weight of other boxes laying on it. Secondly, be sure to put a lot of cushioning material to protect from the tumbling.

Secure and wrap

More importantly, when you are using moving companies in Tennessee to transport a china cabinet, you need to take extra care of each, individual piece of a porcelain cup, doll, plate, etc. In other words, it is not just that you need to put them all in a box. You also need to secure each one individually. 

A cup falling
You don’t want anything to fall and break!

Use some kind of separation between them in the box itself. Their biggest enemy is tumbling during the trip (which inevitably occurs) and them hitting one another as a result. Put a lot of soft material around them to prevent this, wrapping in plastic or paper as well.

Arrange and handle with care – things are fragile

Finally, even if you did all of the above, you need to still act with the utmost care when dealing with porcelain. This is true regardless of if the porcelain item is that you are transporting, from cups to porcelain dolls.

Fragile sign
Porcelain/china is very fragile!

First off, do not forget to mark the boxes with a “Fragile” sign. That will communicate to the movers of your choice that it is, in fact, a box that requires special attention during the move. Furthermore, be sure to take great care of the stacking of the boxes. Don’t put anything heavy above them, but also don’t pile them up too high or they might go tumbling down.

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