Time-saving packing ideas

Moving is stressful and complicated. But, if you prepare for it well enough it can just fly by! There are people who plan and prepare for months in advance, and there are those who need to do a short notice relocation. Whichever category you fall into, you will be faced with packing! Movers Antioch TN can help you a lot with everything you need, but packing is something many do on their own. So, how do you pack in order to make the rest of the move easier? Here are some time-saving packing ideas.

Time-saving packing ideas to make your move super easy

You can save time during your move in several different ways. First of all, you could always hire packing services Nashville in order to not deal with all of this at all. But, if you are doing it on your own there are several things to keep in mind. First, you can save time while packing, and if you do it right, you can save a lot of time when you are unpacking. 

time-saving packing ideas for when you have too many clothes
Sometimes you might have a lot of clothes…

People seem to forget that packing and moving is just one part of the story. After it is all done comes the unpacking and settling in. This section, frequently overlooked, can become a nightmare if you didn’t pack the right way. You could end up being overwhelmed with countless boxes and bags, not knowing what goes where. Also, if you need some things urgently in the first couple of days, it may be impossible to find them. And, considering Murphy’s law, everything you need will usually be at the bottom of the pile.

Make sure everything is marked – time-saving packing ideas

To make your life super easy, make sure that all you have is packed are marked. This is number one on the list of time-saving packing ideas. It could end up being an extra step in the entire process, but you will be so happy about it later down the road. Grab a marker, or any writing tool, and mark each item container. This way, when it comes to unpacking you will know what’s what without having to open each and every box and bag.

blue marker
A marker is your best packing friend!

Packing clothes

This should take little to no time at all. Clothes can’t break or get ruined, so when it comes to packing – grab all the clothes you have and make sure that are stuffed into trash bags, or similar products. This will be done in no time, and no harm can come to your belongings. If you have too many clothes you can have a packing checklist. But this can only work if your boxes and bags are marked.

Use boxes!

A very important thing people forget is the usage of boxes. Boxes make packing and later on storing into a vehicle extremely easy. Plus, each box provides an extra layer of protection for everything you own. Even if things start falling over, they will have a layer of soft carton to cushion the fall. Plus, when you start placing them into the moving van, it will have a lot of space saved given the arrangement of boxes.

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