Tipping your movers – when and how much

If you’re about to move, you may have a lot of questions. Like, where can you find reliable moving companies Gallatin TN? Or how to pack? Where to find proper moving supplies? And what about tipping your movers – is it even a thing?! Well, in this article we’ll disclose just when and how much… and if you should even tip the people who help you relocate! Let us start!

Tipping your movers – do you even need to consider it?

Even if you hired the best moving company there is, the question of tipping your movers may arise. If you already paid for all their services, why do you need to leave an extra tip? That is – should you do it? Well, tipping movers depends on many factors. And just so you know, you are not obligated by law to leave any tip. So tipping is more moral obligation than a legal obligation.

Tipping your movers - when and how much

Still, you may want to leave the tip on the basis of the worker’s personality and overall help. Do you think they did a decent job? Did they do it fast? Are your items undamaged? Well, then you may feel the need to tip people who worked hard to get your items safe and fast straight to your front door! Still, there are other factors to consider, so let’s see what they are.

When do you need to tip your movers

As we already said, there is no legal obligation about tipping your movers. Still, if you are moving abroad and you are looking for the best long distance moving companies Nashville TN, you just may need to consider tipping your movers. After all, they carried all your belongings half across the country and if you are satisfied with their service, you can show it with your tip. As you may imagine, being responsible for other people’s belongings can be really stressful.

If you are satisfied with a service, you can show it with your tip.

Here are some cases when you can consider tipping your movers:

  • when a moving company is working during the holidays. People who work in a moving company have their own life too, and going to work on a special day can be extra hard. Be nice and at least give them a tip for being there on that day
  • also, when it’s really hot or cold. Weather conditions can be harsh, so if you see someone carrying your giant sofa on freezing or raining day, you may want to show some respect for that. The same goes for when it’s sunny and hot outside.
  • When the workers are being nice and friendly. Moving is a hard thing to do, and someone being nice, making you laugh and being helpful isn’t something you should take for granted.

How much should you tip your movers

We get it, you may have a vague idea about just how much should you tip someone at the restaurant but it’s completely different when it comes to tipping movers. So the best answer to the question “how much is enough” is – as much as you want. And it all depends on how much work are your workers are putting into their work. So the amount of the tip can depend on several factors:

  • is it a big move. How many items do workers have to carry? If it’s all fun and games and they don’t have any bulky furniture or pianos…. Then the tip is smaller
  • in the case of corporate relocation: do you move your small office or big company
  • do you move close by or internationally
  • are you moving in really bad weather conditions
  • how many movers are there: should you leave one big tip for all or give just to some people
Weather conditions can be harsh, so if you see someone carrying your giant sofa on freezing or raining day, you may want to show some respect for that.

Tipping is not only about the money

If you think that tipping is just money, you’re wrong. You can be tipping your movers with food and drinks while they load your items. On the one hand, workers, especially if they are the few that can solve your ongoing problem qualitatively and effectively, do indeed have some kind of superiority over you. Not to say you depend on them. It depends on their superpower whether your items are going to arrive safely or not. Because of this, it is quite inconvenient to be rude to them, because you need them to be good at their job.

Other things to consider

On the other hand, a worker’s job is probably the only one where a temporary employer (that is, you) always has an employee over his head. He asks him constantly what exactly he is doing, he wants to know if he has children, how old they are and what they are doing, and of course what his predictions are for the next elections… So you see, you are overlooking the workers at all times. And that can be stressful for the other side.

Also, movers just have to create chaos in the apartment, and you have to come to terms with it. You have to watch them turn your house upside down, spread their tools all over your apartment, touch things with dirty hands… But no tools, no craft, and no mess mean no relocation. Because of all this, the workers should be properly prepared, both mentally and physically, and tipping them is the least thing you can do. In the end, if the workers are good, responsible and respect your time, let them know that you appreciate it… By simply tipping your movers! Good luck!

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