Tips for making packing fun for children

Every move is emotional in a different way. It covers both stress and nervousness as well as nostalgia when it’s all over. Also, additional anxiety is brought by children, who will respond differently to moving, and certainly more emotionally. And when it comes to packing, things can go rough. The best option is to simply call for fast and reliable packing services Nashville, and not think about it all. Still, you may want to learn your children some responsibility and you’re thinking about making packing fun for children. Wondering how to do it? Let’s find out!

Making packing fun for children – is it even possible?

There are things that will help you make the relocation easier for your children plus make it as painless as possible. Packing is just one of them. And you can follow these simple steps and reduce the impact of moving to your children. You may think: making packing fun for children – is it even possible? Well, it is! All you need to do is turn packing into a game.

making packing fun for children.
You may want to learn your children some responsibility and you’re thinking about making packing fun for children.

Because basically, all these tips will teach you how to:

  • you communicate with your child
  • calm your child down
  • help him or her to be part of the relocation process without anxiety and stress

When preparing for the relocation, parents sometimes under the pressure of time and move, forget that the child also wants to actively participate in the preparations and that he or she is also looking forward to it. This is especially true if you are moving internationally or across the state. You may be busy wondering where to find the best Tennessee long distance moving companies, that you don’t think about your children.

However, have you noticed that when the packaging starts, children are excitedly running around and asking you question after question? Take advantage of their enthusiasm and maximize their involvement in preparation. In this way you will avoid those situations where, as you are packing, you tell your child to move away, not to disturb, to be calm… Because, for children, movement and play are very important, and it is not realistic to expect them to be calm. Especially when they are excited or sad because of relocation. So you need to communicate better and have a bit more patience for them.

Boy carrying box in new home
Take advantage of their enthusiasm and maximize their involvement in preparation.

Here’s how you can make packing fun for children:

  • Children can add things to you and you put it in boxes. You can also label boxes together in different colors.
  • Make a deal with them to choose what they want to carry with them at all times and pack this in their backpack or bag. You can also make together “Open Me First” box.
  • Give them an idea to make a list of toys and books they want to bring by drawing them, then cross them out together or mark them when you pack it
  • If they do not want to participate in the packing, they can “make a list” of activities to do in a new home by drawing or sticking stickers
  • Ask them to “carry” lighter bags or push a packed suitcase to a designated location. This is the one activity kids adore because they feel you trust them
  • Tell them that they are your most important helper and ask them to help you by making a list – draw or put stickers for the things you need to buy for the move (fruits, water, snacks, wipes…). Be sure to ask them what they want to get along the way.
  • If you have more children, give each of them an important task – one brings T-shirts, other toys, third slippers, etc.

What else you can do to make relocation easier

Making the move look like fun can be hard. But you can always talk to your kids about moving to or from the Nashville area, what new housing will look like and what they can expect. Trying to hide it from them is almost never a good idea.

Things to remember when moving with children

Be encouraging. Children will feel that everyone is stressed out about the upcoming move. Be honest with the kids and say that things will be a little stressful and tense for a short period of time. Assure them that it will go away and that after moving everything will be back to normal.

Family moving into new home
They can make a list of toys and books they want to bring by drawing them.

Allow children to participate in other relocation preparations. These can be things such as ticking boxes, packing their stuffed toys, etc.

Let the child participate in the decoration of their new room, whether it be choosing a poster, lamp, or offer them to choose between two or three colors before moving so that they feel entitled to have a choice. If possible, allow the child to choose their room in the new living space.

Pack a tiny suitcase and allow each child to choose one special toy and one special clothing combination for the day of moving.

If your child has special cutlery or mug, pack them in the “Open Me First!” Box with kitchenware for familiar items to welcome them in the new space.

Also, make sure you unpack the children’s room items first, or at least their “Open Me First!” Box, to help them settle down quickly.

Following these steps does not guarantee that your child will not be upset about moving, but at least minimizes the duration and anxiety. Always remember that hiring a reliable moving company is a key thing to make relocation easier. Making packing fun for children is just one of them!

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