Tips for packing wooden furniture

Relocation is right around the corner and there are still many things you should cover. One of the most complex and time-consuming is packing. This part of your move should be done correctly if you wish to achieve a successful move. One of the problems while packing is how to pack and protect your furniture. You might have some unique pieces or very old and valuable ones. Nevertheless, you must protect them against damages. Therefore, we bring you a simple guide to use while packing wooden furniture. It is not hard as it seems, let us take a look.

Start by looking for a reliable moving company.

It will not be hard to find a proper moving company as long as you conduct proper research. Be ready to spend a few hours online in search for the best choice. This is where you should start. Check out a few top moving companies. Visit their websites and read customer reviews. Once you narrow down your search make a choice by comparing prices and inspecting your company further. Give them a call and ask if they have permits to operate. Also, check if they have enough manpower for the job, along with the tools and a proper moving vehicle. We must recommend moving companies Spring Hill TN as one of the best local choices. Give them a call and you’ll find the best services in the area. Once you have your company and a moving date set, assemble a moving checklist with detailed steps you should follow through.

Take some time and do relaxed thorough research. You will find the best moving solution that you deserve.

Once you figured out which company will move you, you should also cover the packing, decluttering, cleaning, etc. Organize everything in the best way according to your schedule. Although, if you have limited resources and almost no time off from work, consider purchasing moving services. There are means to complete your moving tasks all in one swoop. Professional movers can pack, move, and unpack upon demand. Consider this highly lucrative option and contact one of the best moving companies in Nashville. They will cover your whole relocation in a day, cheaply and efficiently. It is good to know that you can organize everything with a phone call, and simply supervise the process once the time comes.

How to organize your packing process properly

You will begin with decluttering. Inspecting all your belongings is smart. This way you’ll know what you should replace, and in which conditions your items are. When packing wooden furniture, you should inspect all the drawers, legs, sides, screws, tops, and bottoms. It will give you a better insight, and it will provide the opportunity to refurbish some of the furniture. This way you’ll repair and renew your furniture and bring it fresh to your new home. Also, you should keep in mind that some furniture needs to be disassembled in order to be transported safely. Do not leave this part for last. Make some room in the middle to cover this stage patiently. List everything on your moving checklist, to keep track and remind yourself at any time.

Packing wooden furniture is not hard, but you must prepare first.

There is a way to do this all by yourself. It will reduce the moving cost, but it will require investing some of your time. Certain items are delicate, special, or valuable. Therefore, you should first follow the instruction manuals. Most of the furniture is assembled and disassembled at home and you might still have a written guide on how to do it. Start by removing the screws and pins with a screwdriver and set aside all the bigger pieces. At the same time keep all the small ones in a bag or a container. Do not lose those parts. Otherwise, you’ll have a bad time when you want to put it all back together. Then, clean your wooden furniture as much as you can. And lastly, wrap all pieces individually using a blister pack. It will protect your furniture from damages.

Clean before packing wooden furniture
Clean your wooden furniture. Make it all nice and ready for your new home.

Also, you can use protection pads for sides and corners. Furthermore, keep in mind how you stack your furniture inside a moving truck. Do not put more pressure on it than it can handle. In case you enlisted a moving company, ask your movers about this part, they know the best way to do it. And in case it is all confusing and tiresome, check out the packing services Nashville they offer. You might want to let professionals handle this part. Packing wooden furniture might seem easy, but it is a delicate and at the same time hard labor. Think about it.

Storing your furniture is the option as well.

Some of the items are in a bad shape, but you do not want to throw them away. It might be because of the sentimental reasons or you simply see some kind of value in it. Whatever is the case, you should refurbish and restore the original glow. But this might not be the time to do it. It will ask for your time and money. Therefore, consider setting aside those items in a storage unit. Then, simply come back once you have more time and finish the job. There are many different storing solutions out there. Ask your movers and they will point you toward the right place. You can choose to rent for a couple of months, or over a longer period. Whatever you desire.

Disassemble your furniture if possible.

This is the most important stage of the packing wooden furniture process. We will explain it a bit further. Consider the following:

  • Antique pieces – If you possess antique furniture, do not attempt to clean, refurbish, or disassemble it yourself. Consult an antique professional on how to do it or let them do it for you.
  • Tools – Be mindful of the tools you use. Power tools can easily damage your furniture if not handled properly. Also, wear a pair of leather gloves while handling delicate pieces.
  • Protection – As we mentioned, wrap each piece using a blister pack. This way you’ll protect your furniture against scratches and damages.
  • Screws and pins – Pack your screws, bolts, and pins in a bag or a container and label it with a number. Attach the same number to a base of a furniture piece and other parts of the item. This way you’ll keep track and assemble it easier. Do not lose them!
  • Big furniture – You should already know that some bigger pieces have wooden screws and they are not meant to be disassembled. Inspect your furniture before you damage it. Consult with someone who has moved this kind of furniture before. You will surely need some help with this one.
Making furniture
Be careful when disassembling your furniture. Some pieces are not meant to be taken apart.

Damages can occur while packing wooden furniture, consider purchasing moving insurance.

One of the most utilized moving services Nashville is the moving insurance. You can purchase this one from your moving company or purchase one from an insurance company. The choice is entirely yours, but keep in mind that this will keep you headache-free. This will protect your items, at least in a monetary sense. You’ll be sure that if a moving mishap occurs and your furniture is damaged, you’ll be reimbursed. Although, if you have highly valuable and irreplaceable pieces, you should consider transporting them yourself. Some moving companies will simply refuse to transport high-risk items and items of extremely high value. Communicate this part with your movers before you sign anything.

Now you are pro in packing wooden furniture. We are sure that you can do it yourself or with the help of a moving professional. In any case, you’ll have a successful relocation and a brand new start. We wish you a safe journey and the best of luck!

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